A damper spring in the central hinge allows the walker less feel the bumps of the road.

It also has the function of compensating the accelerations / decelerations specific to walking, so that one will not be pushed or retained by the carriage at each step.

Using an aerated carrying frame makes the sensation on the back more pleasant than the use of a backpack.






Load is also very close to the walker’s body line : the feeling is therefore more comfortable compared to a backpack with a swerved load.

The fixation at one point in the back of the walker allows a great mobility.
One does not feel constrained by attachments on the hips.

In addition, the light balance of the trike helps walking, giving an “impulse” at each step, as the arms movements.

Finally, the arm’s adjustable length (9 positions) and if necessary the angle’s adjustment, makes the Lacarette adaptable to all walker’s heigths.



Two sides ropes enable the central adjustment of the luggage which can be quickly fixed on the trolley.




Access to the top of the bag is facilitated : you can easily find a garment or take a bottle of water …